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What is WordPress?

I m writing for those who still have no idea about WordPress

in this digital marketing era, WordPress is a powerful tool that opens your business doors towards internet

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source website content management system

it used to publish power pack website with any kind of features

Word Press runs 33% of internet websites and blogs,

there are so many websites you have visited before which runs on Word press CMS

there are two ways to start on WordPress by

One is going to and start using it on word servers

Word Press also provides a custom domain for your website

the second best and cheapest way is you purchase hosting and domain and setup Word-press site

the second method requires some technical skills but don’t worry

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what is wordpressWord Press is used for

Word Press is a PHP coding language based Website Development CMS software

it is used for Development of any kind of website blogging, e-commerce, any kind of niche websites

Word Press used for running a website blog and doing an online business activity like a blog, e-commerce, business, news, photography, music and whatever comes in your mindDo I have to pay to use WordPress?

Technically Word Press is open source software, if you are learning guy you can set up WordPress on your computer for just learning there is no need for domain and hosting

if you want to start a live website there is you need a domain and hosting and some technical skills to manage serverIs WordPress right for you?

This depends on what you are want to do, if you are a starter on the web then there is Word Press is one of the best for learning and experience

and if you want to implement special features on your site please check available plugins,

and if you do not find a related plugin you have to go for plugin development or build on custom PHP

Custom PHP Development price is very high in comparison to WordPress

What is WordPress

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What is WordPress?

what is WordPress

My main complaint to those web developers who don’t know to use WordPress in its normal way

they don’t want to leave their old coding style page editing. that makes tough for others to edit the page

and WordPress integrated with each and every element of the site so one change can be exploded to whole website

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  1. Dr.Rameshbhai

    i m using WordPress website for my website and i get lots of business opportunities from it

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